EMC Consulting Services


The effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) are extremely variable in character and severity ranging from simple annoyance (e.g. radio or television interference) to catastrophe (e.g. malfunction of critical control systems). Project budgets are often severely compromised by not accounting for the design aspects and implementation of EMC Engineering. Cost of a product may be increased due to an “over-design” for EMC.

Any company involved in design and manufacture of electrical/electronic equipment would benefit greatly by having an EMC program. The benefits to this are:


• High probability that equipment will meet FCC, European Norm., MIL-STD, Aerospace, etc., EMI requirements, without modification.

• EMC and self-compatibility is built into the equipment they produce.

• EMI control, test plans and test procedures become standardized.

• The high cost of finding and solving post production EMI problems and the production delays can be avoided.

Practical Engineering, PC can provide all the EMC support a company requires without the need to hire full time EMC staff.  Alternatively Practical Engineering, PC can provide additional support to a company’s existing EMC personnel.