MG. Abernathy, President and CEO of Practical Engineering, PC 

Greg Abernathy is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Auburn University. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Georgia with more than 33 years’ experience in the areas of lightning, surges, grounding & bonding, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrostatic discharge (ESD), high speed signal integrity, and electro-optics. In 1990, he became certified as an electromagnetic compatibility engineer by the InterNational Association of Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics (iNARTE).  In 2011, he became an iNARTE Certified EMC Master Design Engineer.  Mr. Abernathy has been a member of the Institute of Electronic/Electrical Engineers (IEEE) for 34 years, supporting the EMC Society as registration chairman for two symposiums. He has 7 patents in the areas of noise reduction/signal fidelity in printed circuit boards, ESD, fiber optic antenna, RF over fiber, fiber optics communications system, and lightning protection of high speed interfaces.

Greg lives in North Georgia with his wife Toni. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. When he isn't cheering for his alma mater, Auburn University, he enjoys travel and Ham radio operation. 




Method for Testing Assembly Susceptibility to ESD Events

United States 5166624

Issued 1992

Optical Network Interface Systems and Devices

United States 7570887 B2

Issued 2009

Isolated High-Speed Digital Interface for Vehicles

United States 8829479 B2

Issued 2014

Signal Routing Techniques for Electronic System

United States 5175515

Issued 1992

Method and Apparatus for Transmitting Signals via Active Sampler Antenna

United States 6818923

Issued 2003

High Dynamic Range Radio Frequency to Optical Link

United States 7424228 B1

Issued 200


Certified EMC Master Design Engineer

iNARTE, License EMCD-00013-ME


Licensed Professional Engineer

State of GA



IEEE Senior Member

IEEE EMC Society Member