EMC and Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity Design is a rapidly expanding field in the digital design world due to the increasing operational speeds at which electronics are processing data.  Signal Integrity Design involves board layout issues such as trace impedance, printed circuit board (pcb) stackup, power supply bypassing, trace routing, reflections, ringing, risetimes, falltimes, parasitic inductance/capacitance, signal/noise ratio, filtering, etc. All these parameter are considered with respect to a wide band of frequencies that are required to uniformly propagate down a transmission path in order to retain the signal’s original waveshape.  Fourier analysis tells us that any waveshape may be described as a sum of sinusoidal signals with appropriate amplitudes, frequencies and phase relationships.  In order for the digital signal to be received correctly at a given load a certain number of these sinusoidal signals must maintain their relationships relative to each other throughout the transmission path.  Signal integrity design typically defines a waveform from the time domain perspective...

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EMC and Signal Integrity - EMC Design and Mitigation Services

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